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Merchant Gourmet Logo I am now the Merchant Gourmet cook, working alongside this classy company to create delicious and quick recipes with their yummy ingredients. Merchant Gourmet was started by Mark Leatham in 1985; today, they have more than 40 carefully selected products. The range includes Chestnuts, Porcini Mushrooms, Puy Lentils, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Whole Wheat Giant Cous Cous, Polenta and Balsamic Syrup. You can find recipes, video recipes, can buy the ingredients and even ask me how to cook them on


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Don Alfonso in SorrentoDon Alfonso 1890: I was lucky enough to go on Stage here during my time at Le Manoir.  Don Alfonso hotel, restaurant and cookery school is in the heart of the Sorrento coast and is run by my friend, Alfonso and his family.






Seasoned Pioneers Logo Seasoned Pioneers aim is to discover, source and bring to you the finest, authentic seasonings from each corner of the globe. The company, founded in 1999, is an innovative company rapidly gaining recognition as the expert in authentic and specialist seasonings. Highly commended by many leading food writers and chefs, the company was set-up by Mark Steene, whose interest in seasonings was first sparked during worldwide travels.  Purchase individual spices as well as blends delivered to you in handy poches to keep the spices fresh.


Seeds of Italy logo Seeds of Italy produce traditional regional varieties of seeds from places such as the Alps, Dolomite or Apennine areas of Italy.  The seeds are regional but with a unique heritage.  Seeds of Italy is an independent seed company. The majority of the produce in my veggie pack come from Seeds of Italy seeds. www.seeds of